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The DCI Firm is a Prefall Company, that was founded by early clones before the fall, providing hardware and software in the defense contract fields to the government. Often under pressure by news outlets or other media as a "experimental" company that was gaining profits, even the paranoid investigative types pointing out how clones could surpass the human race. Humans brought about the end of their old world, what the clones of today should do is rise up to repair this broken world with use of technology. Even regulate the threat power humans would have to ensure that nothing like this would happen again..

Form the Three Pillars 
        Organize the Security 
        Organize the Support (a inbetween for both) 
        Organize the Economy


Claim key areas of materials Sector 1 
        Embry Crossroads 
        Needle Eye 
        Push "Influence" north.

This Firm having seen "The Fall" coming miles away had taken measures to ensure that it would survive and bring about hope to revive this broken world to some semblence of what it was, a reality showing that this damage will always remain brings about need to adapt to this new world and bring other clones into the Firm to help bring about this new world into a brighter future.. Help us bring the Influence of this firm into every city and home of the Grand Canyon Province.

"Clones of this new world, Contact C.E.O. Daggoth Stonecroft if you wish to become part of this Firm"
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